10pcs Pack 110V 4W GU10 LED Bulbs – 6000K Daylight Spotlight – 330 Lumen, 50Watt Equivalent – 45 Degree Beam Angle

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These LED light bulbs are widely used as down lighting or accent lighting in shops, offices and the home. The 4W spotlight bulb has a long lifespan, no hazardous materials.Save power more than ordinary bulbs. Low power consumption and long life-span LED spot light bulbs mean to help you save more money from utility cost. The standard GU10 fitting of LED spot light, easy to installation in household standard GU10 socket. The 110V spotlight bulb features up to 20,000 hours life-span plush 7000k color temperature are perfect for constant (24/7) use. LED bulb VS Incandescent bulb (8hours / day over 1 year): –Power Consumption Comparison Electric consumption of LED 4W bulb: 4W ¡Á 8Hrs ¡Á 365=11.68Kwh; Electric consumption of 50W Incandescent bulb: 50W¡Á 8Hrs ¡Á 365=146Kwh Electric consumption ratio: 1150% –Life-span comparison: LED: approx ¡Á 20,000Hrs; Incandescent bulb: approx ¡Á 1500Hrs; –Comparison result: Our LED 4W GU10 bulb is far more energy saving than incandescent bulb, which will save money on your electric bills. Applications: These products for replacement for conventional GU10 lamp, widely use in shopping mall, hotels, restaurant, cafes, office, museums, home indoor lighting, specialty stores, jewelry store, etc. Package includes : 10¡Á LED GU10 6000K Daylight spotlight. All the 10 LED bulb are shipped together in one package.