6 Pack LED Light Bulb By Evobrite Ultra Energy Efficient 9 Watt 3000k Warm White Light Bulb By Evobrite 60 Watt Equivalent Your Satisfaction Guaranteed Six Pack

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6 pack EvoBrite LED – 60 Watt Equivalent (8.5W) Soft White (2700K) General Purpose Light Bulb six pack EvoBrite LED – 9 watt LED 60 Watt Equivalent (9 WATT) Soft White (3000K) General Purpose LED Light Bulb 720 Lumens bright warm white light led for home led for office no mercury satisfaction guarantee 2 year warranty against defects up to 90 more energy efficient than halogen bulbs warm white light for reading, school work, watching tv and general lighting needs contains no mercury long life reduces the need to purchase these again in the future long life energy efficient green eco friendly energy savings no delay when you turn them on great value six pack 6 pack available shatterproof shatter resistant green friendly certified environmentally friendly reduce waste reduce trash reduce garbage landfill safe non hazardous long life great value great price high quality best quality extended life economical money saving bulbs convenient and discounted six pack pricing