ChiChinLighting® LED E17 Reflector R14 4 watts 30 Lighing Degree Spotlight LED Bulb Warm White 2850 – 3000k 1 Piece

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Make sure you get legit ChiChinLighting E17 Reflector R14 for quality and warranty guarantee
General InformationThis is a LED Bulb – E17 Reflector R14 bulb spotlight. With 30 – 40 degree lighting angle, this bulb is perfect to used in a lot of places, such as IKEA desktop lamp, downlights, spotlight fixture etc. This model generates about 220 – 230lm which is brighter than IKEA E17 Reflector. With 4 watt of energy, you save more than 80% of energy and 2 – 3 times longer lifespan