Elover E27 10W Colorful Remote Control Adjustable RGB LED Light Bulb Lamp

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Product features:

LED lamp bead model: integration

LED lamp bead number :1 PCS

Color temperature:RGB 16 (K)

Luminous flux :850 (lm)

Lamp holder interface: E27

Input voltage:AC 90-260 (V)

Light Angle: 160 °

Face mask: PC cover stitch

Light body color: bright silver

LED colors: red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, and purple; 16 kinds of color changing automatically, can remote control!

Product functions:

Control mode:Through the infrared remote control switch can change color (range between 1-5 metres)

Synchronous control function can make multiple lights change the color at the same time via remote control .

Switch function is a light model can use to quickly switch lights ON / OFF

Scope of application: the products fill the blank of the domestic remote control lamps and lanterns, bars, KTV, stage, clubs, casinos, restaurants, coffee shops, the grade that occupy the home decoration, display cabinets, wine, high-grade goods Leisure place, home theater, birthday parties and wedding banquet, dance, chandeliers and festive lights and other indoor and outdoor decoration emotional appeal, foil atmosphere.