G7 Elko LED Recessed Can 100W Replacement BR30 Flood Light Bulb, Dimmable Warm White Light 2700K 15 Watt 1210 Lumen, E26 Base, Smooth

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When we were creating the Elko Smooth, our goal was to improve on the already amazing Elko LED light. The Elko Smooth provides the same smooth dimming, warm white light, and efficiency but is now in a sleek, slim, smooth base. This provides the same traditional look we enjoy with very untraditional efficiency and money-saving capabilities. Product Uses The BR30 Elko Smooth will provide those living spaces with more than enough brightness, but will never sacrifice any color in the process. Whether you are having the entire family over for dinner or lighting your work-from-home office, the Elko Smooth is the perfect bulb for everyday use. We recommend installing these in your 4″ can light fixtures. Product Family While the Elko Smooth is a great bulb throughout your space, every home, office space, and family preference is different. Which is why we offer an entire family of bulbs to help you find the right efficiency and color temperature. All in a sleek dimmable package: G7 Power Story Here at G7 we know that not everyone constantly obsesses over the perfect lighting. Which is why we are here to provide you with practical, personal, energy efficient solutions that just might have you dream in lumens and watts. We understand that the conversion over to LED lighting can be a frightening one. We are reachable and love sharing the essential information you need to find the transition to new technology a little less terrifying.