G7 Power Elko LED 15 Watt (85W) 1100 Lumen BR30 Recessed Light Bulb, Dimmable 2700K Warm White Light

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Product Story

When we sat down to brain storm, our driving motivator behind the Elko was to provide the perfect high quality LED light bulb for our living spaces. Many moons later, we present to you the BR30 Elko. It’s the girl next door of LED light bulbs – providing flawless dimming, warm white light, and an efficiency that doesn’t break the bank.

Product Uses

The BR30 Elko doesn’t compromise brightness for color. With 1100 lumen, and a 2700K color temperature, this bulb emits a large amount of warm light, making it great for everyday use. Whether your lighting up your family game night, Thanksgiving dinner, or your work-from-home office space, it’ll get the job done in a practical, energy efficient way. We recommend installing these in your 4″ can light fixtures.

Product Family

The BR30 Elko LED light bulb was created as the first of its kind: efficient, dimmable, the right color temperature, and perfect level of brightness. But every family, house, and work space is different. To answer the call of our customers, we introduced the rest of the family:

BR20 Minden, 2700K Warm White Light; for a smaller light

BR30 Tahoe, 4000K Bright White Light; for an energizing white

BR30 Jackpot, 2700K Warm White Light; for a less bright light

BR40 Vegas, 2700k Warm White Light; for a larger light

G7 Power Story

We’re passionate about lighting. Sometimes, we dream in lumen and wattage, but we don’t expect the same of you. You want a light that works well, the first time. Because you don’t dream in lumen count, it’s our goal to provide you with the essential information you need to make the right purchase. We’re reachable, and we love to talk.