G7 Power Henderson LED 15W (75W) 1100 Lumen BR30 Recessed Light Bulb, Dimmable 5000K Day Light White

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Product Story

For those unfamiliar with Nevada geography (which is probably most of us), Henderson is the city that borders on Las Vegas. It’s a homey, welcoming environment with the excitement of the Vegas strip to jazz up your night life. The Henderson BR30 LED light bulb was given this namesake because of its versatility. It works well in home, living, and working environments, providing that productive, clear lighting that gets you through the 2-3 pm siesta.

Product Uses

The Henderson is one of the brightest BR30 options available. The 5000K color temperature, paired with 1100 lumen output, makes for a bright, crystal daylight like white that enhances your home décor, work spaces, and living spaces productively and energetically.

Product Family

The 5000K color temperature option was intended for those looking to fill their home with clarity and energy. Its vividness paired with the daylight-like lighting makes it a great options for your high traffic, highly industrious environments. If you’re looking for lighting that might be more relaxing or calming, we have more options available for you:

BR30A Reno, 3000K Soft White Light; for a clear, warm light

BR30 Tahoe, 4000K Bright White Light; for an energizing white

G7 Power Story

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