G7 Power Tahoe LED 15 Watt (75W) 1100 Lumen BR30 Recessed Can Light Bulb, Dimmable 4000K Bright White

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Key features. Daylight (4000K) white light output. High lumen output & compatible with most dimmers. Shatter resistant plastic lens will not break like glass Recommended use: This bulb is designed to fit most open face, standard recessed can light fixtures in homes and offices. Ideal for use with 4+ inch recessed fixtures found in most kitchens and hallways. It’s narrow base fits well with a wide variety of tapered can inserts. This bulb dims very well with up to ten of the same bulb on one switch. Not for use directly above showers or stoves where high levels of condensation may occur. Bulb properties: This bulb does not contain mercury. It does not emit UV light that may fade fabrics. Its power factor is guaranteed to be greater than 0.95 and its CRI greater than 80. Quality control manufacturing standards meet or exceed ISO9001 and the bulb is UL listed, CE, RoHS and FCC certified. Energy savings: Estimated energy cost of this bulb per year: 5.38 Annual savings over a 100-Watt incandescent: 30.12 Notes. Instant on at full brightness, even in cold temperatures. For use in dry locations. For use in open luminaries Questions and comments welcome at supportatg7power.com.