G7 Power Truckee LED 10W (60W) 820 Lumen A19 Standard Light Bulb, Dimmable 3000K Soft White Light

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The G7 Power A19 Truckee LED light bulb is the perfect 60 watt replacement, using on 10 watts for those standard lighting fixtures, including lamps, ceiling fans, and general lighting. Putting off 820 lumen, this dimmable bulb allows you complete control over your lighting options – plus, at 3000K, this A19 provides ample brightness, and is the perfect compromise of color.

Product Uses

Because the Truckee A19 is slightly softer than the daylight and bright white options, it’s the perfect balance between relaxation and productivity. It will illuminate your room without the harsher tones, providing warmth, and clarity. It’s commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, high traffic areas, and for your family game nights with 10 hour long Risk marathons.

Product Family

The Truckee is another in a long list of new products introduced to provide more color options. With this addition, we have the 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, giving you complete control over the mood of your living spaces. The brightness (lumen count) compliments your color temperature, not sacrificing color for dimming capabilities:

A19 Incline, 2700K, for a warmer, incandescent replacement

A19 Carlin, 4000K, for a cooler, whiter, daylight white light

A19 Vintage a classic look for a new tech

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