LED Bulbs Pack of 6 – A19 E27 7w Brightest 60W Incandescent Bulbs Equivalent Soft White 3000k Light Bulb

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VEMOTIX 3000K LED A19 Lights Are the Best Choice for Your Home!

Everyone wants to save up money and avoid wasting precious power for nothing in their homes. Especially if you stay up late or have little sunshine in the area you live in, saving up on electricity can make a great difference in savings and do a lot of good for the environment.VEMOTIX LED lights are the ideal solution for that problem, providing bright light for very little electricity spent!

VEMOTIX LEDs are Economical! The initial price of buying LED lights is higher than that of incandescent and CFL lights, but they last for much, MUCH longer. Your VEMOTIX LED will work for over 18 years, saving you up to $600 dollars from your electricity bills per piece.

VEMOTIX LEDs are Great for the Environment! We all should care more for the environment and look for ways to lessen fossil fuel waste. Most electricity is still produced by burning fossil fuel, so it is best to choose light bulbs that waste as little electricity as possible. No light bulbs are more economical than LEDs at the moment, so VEMOTIX LEDs are an ideal choice for an eco-friendly home.

Many LED lights are too bulky and ugly, but VEMOTIX has created the perfect LED light bulb that looks just like your typical incandescent bulb.