LED Bulbs Zookki (10-Pack) 4-Watt Gu10 Super Bright LED Light Bulbs Lighting Bulbs White Light 6500k,Not Dimmable

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Please notice that these 4W led bulbs are not dimmable. And please make sure the metal bezel is tight enough before and after installed.

The Zookki LED Bulbs is packed of 10 units,can be widely applied to accent lighting; art galleries;hotels, museums,offices, restaurants,retail and general lighting.

These LED Bulbs adapt high purity aluminum alloy, making it more durable and strong. What’s more, it can keep consistent color and

brightness while has no hazardous materials, no radiation, no stroboflash, making it eye-pleasing and environment friendly.

About Zookki

It can ensure that you could receive the parcel safely and quickly. We promise a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 60-day Limited Product Warranty

(caused by non-artificial breakdown).If you have any problems about the product contact us at the first time,our friendly customer service team will respond to you as soon as possible.

Our wish:

To get correct use and saving way. Hope you will have a good using experience.


1.The input voltage is AC85~265V, check the voltage before using it, applying it to unsuitable voltage may cause perpetual damage.

2.Use matched lamp holder when install it.

3.Do not touch the metal portion when it’s turned on.

4.When it’s working, keep away from heat source, work environment should be ventilated to ensure that the environment temperature is below 25 ℃.

5.Products inside has high voltage, should not be disassembled or will occur an accident.