LED Concepts® 26 LED Dimmable Desk Lamp – Touch -Sensitive Design -Cordless Option – 3 Different Light Settings – Great for Night Time Reading, Work, Studying, or Accent Lighting Perfect for Any Room (Black)

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Are you struggling to read your night time book? Well, with LED Concepts® Touch-Sensitive Dimmable 26 LED Desk Lamp you’ll never struggle to read again! This 26 LED light desk lamp is extremely attractive and easily fits most countertops. It can be used as a traditional plugged in desk lamp or as a cordless lamp. It is a touch-sensitive and comes with a rechargeable charging system that allows you to unplug the lamp from its charger while still in use. After the lamp is charged it can be used as a portable lamp that lasts up to 12 hours. The rechargeable charging system provides convenience by not having to deal with lugging around wires when moving lamp and better visibility for whatever you need to do. The lamp measures approximately 22″ with a swivel goose-neck that provides maximum flexibility and viewing pleasure. It is designed with three lighting modes (low, medium, and high) depending on preference. It takes about 12 hours to fully charge and lasts 12 hours on low, 10 hours on medium, and 8 hours on high. This is the perfect lamp for night time reading, studying, work, or just for added ambiance. LED bulbs never need to be replaced and provide balanced even illumination at all times.