Miracle LED 605031 100W Replacement LED Ultra Bright, Household Bulb

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We’ve changed people’s concept of LED… As one of the first companies in LED development, our lighting is both beautiful and bright in a world of substandard light bulbs! This 12 Watt LED MAX Cool Bulb replaces 99% of all the bulbs found in your home. It is the pinnacle of our efforts over the last 6 years and combines classic A19 Edison style with our revolutionary Almost Free Energy LED technology. But there’s more than just good looks and hype here, The LED MAX Bulb easily replaces 100 Watt bulbs all around your house while costing only $0.13 per 100 Hours of continuous use! Get Huge Energy Savings replacing up to 100W long-life incandescent bulbs with 12W MiracleLED — up to $61 a year off your energy bill by replacing just one bulb. Compared to CFL, LED chip technology is the safer, more efficient choice as it is manufactured with absolutely no hazardous materials, starts and stays instantly bright, carries a smaller carbon footprint, and uses a fraction of the energy. Nearly zero heat output and 20,000 estimated life hours means it will stay safe and effective for years to come. Make the switch to safe, efficient, MiracleLED light bulbs today to benefit yourself and the environment. Technical Specifications: 6500 Kelvin Color Temperature; 12-Watt power draw; Standard E26/E27 Medium Household Base; 20,000 Hour Estimated Lifespan; $1.14 Annual Energy Cost.