NBG E26 LED 10W Light Bulbs Equivalent 60 Watt A19 Bulb, 880lm, Warm White, 5 Pack

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Why Should You Opt For LED Bulbs?

If you are looking for affordable, durable and energy-efficient LED light bulbs that will not only help you lower your home’s carbon footprint and reduce your monthly energy bills, but also to protect the surrounding environment, then look no further! Only here you can find high-end, stylish and elegant LEDs that easily match the decor and style of your home. You can now quickly replace your old and energy-consuming incandescent bulbs with reliable LED light bulbs that will undoubtedly offer you a great return-on-investment.

The answer is rather simple: these LEDs emit a warm and pleasant white light (3000K) that is similar to that provided by incandescent light bulbs. Cozy and very welcoming at the same time, these light bulbs also stand out through their high CRI >80, thus delivering lively and pleasant colors. These are only some of the features that make LED light bulbs suitable for a wide array of applications, ranging all the way from ambiental lighting to architectural lighting.

Perfect for commercial, residential as well as for a wealth of industrial applications, light-emitting diodes are designed to mimic the natural outdoor light: given the fact that the CRI of these LEDs is close to the sun’s value, they reduce eye fatigue and they naturally reflect colors and textures. In addition to their unparalleled durability and high coloring index, these LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs, their life span is considerably longer and they instantly reach their full level of brightness.

Over the years, our company has managed to build a strong reputation for itself in the LED manufacturing industry, and we are constantly trying to improve our manufacturing techniques as well as our products, thus allowing us to be one step ahead of our competitors. Innovative LED technology has slowly surpass the incandescent light bulbs.