(Pack of 6, Warm White) Sunthin 5w Mr16 Led Bulbs, 50w Equivalent, Perfect Standard Size, Recessed Lighting, MR16 LED, LED spotlight, 360lm, 45°

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1) It is a replacement for 50w halogen MR16 Spotlight, but uses only 5w of power to run.

2) The powerful light output and precise 45 degree beam angle make it perfect for manor of uses in the home, including lighting rooms that have slightly taller ceilings than most.

3) This retrofit LED bulb fits straight into most existing fittings but please refer to the listed specifications.

Why Buy yourself a COB LED Bulb

1) COB, (Chips on Board) multi LED chips are packaged together. COB LEDs have great advantage of thermal resistance, larger cooling area, better lighting effect and high light efficacy.

2) High CRI (Color Rendering Index) means that the LED is emitting more of the color spectrum than typical LEDs do, Your typical bright-blue tint LED drops red, orange and aqua wavelengths, but modern hi CRI emitters do a better job of outputting the entire spectrum

Why recommend to use a LED compatible driver

LEDs require a driver to operate efficiently as standard transformers often have a minimum load requirement (generally around 20w). As LEDs consume such a low wattage, they usually struggle to meet this, and therefore fail to work effectively when being used with a normal transformer.

LED drivers have no minimum wattage, so are fully compatible when powering individual, or multiple LED bulbs. LED drivers are also specifically designed to enhance the life span of LED’s, allowing them to run to their optimum performance. On the other hand, using LED’s with a standard transformer may have a detrimental effect on a bulb’s longevity.

Variety color temperatures and pack qty

B00JUH8B0U (6-Pack, MR16, 5W Daylight)

B00JO3ENX4 (6-Pack, MR16, 4.5W Warm White)