Philips 453340 3 Way Bulb LED Light Bulb 5W/9W/20W (40W/60W/100W) Soft White, Non-Dimmable

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Philips 3-Way LED light bulb offers three levels of comfortable, soft white light in one energy-efficient light bulb. Simply place the bulb into an existing 3-way table or floor lamp and benefit from the effects of dimming without having a dimmer! With a simple flip of a switch, this EnergyStar compliant design switches from 470, 840 or 1620 lumens (equivalent to 40-, 60- and 100-watt incandescent), giving the correct amount of light for any moment in your home. The low light level is perfect for relaxing and unwinding, while the high level is great for reading or task work. This bulb provides all-around light, consumes as few as 5-watts, and has a rugged, durable design.