Roybens E27 Based 5W AC 85-265V PIR Infrared Motion Detection Sensor Light Sensor LED Bulb Auto Switch Energy Saving Night Lamp Indoor Lighting Pure White

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1.color: Pure white

2. Input voltage: AC85-265V

3. The output power: 5 W

4. Light angle: 120 °

5. Material: Aluminum + PC

6. Cap type: E27

7. Life :>50,000 hours

8. CRI: 70-80

9. The luminous flux: 5W 450lm ¡À 10%

10. Detection range: 5-8m

Package includes:

1 x 5W LED motion sensor & light sensor bulb

Operation instruction:

1. Bulb can be installed near stair, better to let bulb head turn to exit/entrance

2.The bulb should be keep far away from heater, air condition, fridge, stove, such places which temperature is high and sensitive (over absolute zero degree object will probably make bulb light up)

3. Don’t put any shield, furniture, or big object around the bulb

4. Don’t turn it to the window for avoiding hot air /white light perturbance, and body motion to wrongly light up the bulb

5. Don’t install bulb near gate or airway

6. When used as recessed light, the height from ground would be 1.2-2.3 meters

Work principle:

Smart body sensor PIR bulb, when person gets in sense range, bulb will light up and auto light off after 1 minute when person leaves; also it will not light up in the day, only work in dark environment or at night

Trouble removal:

1. When install it, it will auto light up and off, occasionally it can auto light up, the reason may be there’s animal moving or bulb turns to hot place, or install angle is not correct

2.If it auto light up every 8s and light off every 30s and it repeats that, now you should check whether there’s person or animal moving around it, or can take the bulb to another room for checking.