SUPERNIGHT Aluminium Case DC12V 8A Single Channel Knob Dimmer Controller For LED strip Bulb Lamp Light 5050 3528 5630 single color LED Strip

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* 100% brightness adjustment knob stepless dimming
* 256 gray scale, mild stable lighting, no flicker
* PWM digital dimming, eliminate current surges, so that LED to achieve a better life
* Constant current constant voltage, exceeding the load range can be connected to the signal amplifier, an unlimited expansion of power
* The main control monochromatic light dimming

Technical Parameters:
* Work Temp.:-20-60

* Supply Voltage:DC12V
* Max load current:8A
* Product Size:89*60*53mm

* Package Size:109*65*55mm
* Housing Material: Aluminum Alloy
* N/W:60g
* G/W:85g

the “IN” connect DC12V Power, “OUT” connect light strip, where “V +” take positive “V-” take negative. Rotary light dimmer knob you can adjust the brightness, rotate counter-

clockwise until the lights dimmed out, clockwise rotation of lights brighten.