Surefire Flashlight Bulb LED Conversion Upgrade – 650+ Lumens – Cree XML – T6 Single Mode Drop-in – P60 Design: Surefire, Hugsby, Etc.

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High quality aluminum alloy for proper heat dispersion
Features a solid-state LED with a precision smooth reflector that creates a smooth beam
Special design, enhance light output for intension and distance
Effective and energy-saving, low heating, long service life
Convenience to install Comes with installation instructions for all listed model types


NOTE: To use with all Surefire®, remove outer (large) spring from base of lamp
Confirmed fit for Surefire® 6P, 6Z, 9P, 9Z, Z2, Z3
Confirmed fit for Surefire® G2, G3 with occasional modification required
Reported to fit: Surefire® C2, M2 Series
Modification for use with Surefire® M951 & 952
Confirmed fit: Solarforce L2, L2M, L2P, L2T
Confirmed fit: Lumaforce LF1, LF2 Series
Confirmed fit: Pelican M6 Series
Confirmed fit: Ultrafire and similar 501B, 502B, 503B, 504B
Reported to fit: G&P T6, T9, X6, M3, R12
Reported to fit: Uniquefire L2
Reported to fit: Ultrafire G60, G90, G120
Reported to fit: SpiderFire L2 Series, G&P T-6, T-9, R12, , Hugsby S3, M2, G2

Package Includes: 1 x CREE XM-L T6 1-Mode LED Drop-in Module
Installation Instructions

DISCLAIMER: This is a one size fits most bulb, listed above are many models that this drop-in will fit. Due to unforeseen variations in manufacturer models this drop-in is not 100% guaranteed compatible. Ensure the seller you choose has a no questions asked refund policy and is in the USA to facilitate an easy return.

To Receive The Lifetime Warranty & The AMERICAN Made Version Of This Bulb You Must Purchase From *** Arizona Tactical Gear*** All other sellers here ship Chinese versions that are inferior in quality.