TCP LAO1027D LED OMNI A19 – 60 Watt Equivalent (10W) Soft White (2700K) Dimmable Light Bulb

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Brilliant Company

You are brilliant for making the decision to switch to energy efficient LED lighting from TCP! Our philosophy at TCP is to provide you with the perfect energy-efficient light for your every need. For over 20 years, TCP has delivered cutting edge lighting products to our customers. We control every facet of the design, development and manufacturing process to ensure you get a quality product you can count on.

Brilliant Choice

Have you been turned away from upgrading to energy efficient light bulbs by the way they look? At TCP, we understand. That’s why our products are designed to look like everyday light bulbs. We strive to provide aesthetically pleasing bulbs, with the highest quality, at the best value to you.

Brilliant Life

Because TCP LEDs are designed to last for 22 years or more*, you won’t have to worry about switching out your lights for quite some time. TCP LED A-Lamps are the perfect energy saving replacement for standard 60 watt incandescent bulbs.

Brilliant Savings

TCP LED A-Lamps will drastically reduce your energy bills while providing the same light quality as traditional incandescent lamps. These LEDs consume only 10 watts of energy and the yearly cost to operate is only $1.20 per bulb*. Over its lifetime, this TCP LED A-Lamp will save you $137 in energy costs over its traditional incandescent counterpart.

Brilliant Color – Multiple Choices

These TCP LED A-Lamps give you instant light output with just a simple flip of a switch and are available in multiple colors. The soft white color temperature (2700K) gives off a warm full glow ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and recreation rooms. The daylight color temperature (5000K) gives off a bright quality light ideal for reading and detail oriented tasks.


TCP LED A-Lamps are designed to seamlessly blend into general lighting applications that use a standard medium base such as: Table Lamps, Pendants, Ceiling Fans, Decorative indoor fixtures, Outdoor fixtures, etc.

  • Omni directional – 360 degrees of light
  • Smooth, uniform dimming
  • 85% less energy than halogen alternatives
  • Long life: 25,000 hours
  • Smooth, clean outside housing
  • Excellent Color Consistency and Rendering
  • UL approved for damp location
  • Shatter resistant
  • ANSI construction compliant – They will fit in applications where a traditional incandescent is used
  • Mercury Free
  • No Ultraviolet (UV) light – won’t cause fading