U-NE K4 Dimmable LED bulb 9-watt (90-watt equivalent) 900 Lumens Strong alloy shell, for homes, offices, hotels and shops, etc. Warm white

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Product Description
High quality standard. US quality standards.

High performance to save electricity bill. Replace 90W of tungsten lamps .

Over 85% of electricity bill will be saved compare with traditional bulbs.

Eco-Friendly. CE/ROHS/UL working standard. No lead or mercury. No radiation.

Alloy solid shell. Maximum the cooling effect to abstract heat, shockproof and vibration proof

Long lifetime to save from frequently changing bulbs.

No need guides for installation process. Very easy to be handled.

About U-NE
The professional manufacturers focus on LED related products only.

The main parts of our product are from biggest and most famous suppliers such as Samsung and LG solutions as well as Cree LED etc.

You can rely on the great quality of U-NE products.

Technical features:
Base: E26/E27

Usage: Indoor use only

Color Temperature: 3000.00 Kelvin

Brightness: 900LM

Bulb Life: 50000.00 Hours

Wattage: 9 Watts

Dimmable: Yes

Certificate: CE

Weight: 68.6g

Size: 63*105mm