Undimmable 10X GU5.3 MR16 LED Bulbs,5W Equal to 50W Halogen Bulb, 12V, Cutting Edge Design, 300lm, Warm White, LED Light Bulbs

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Name: Warm white MR16 LED bulb 4W


Material: Aluminum

CCT:3000K Warmwhite

Dimmable: Not Dimmable

1.Energy saving:

long service life. Replace 40W halogen bulb by 4W LED, saving 90% on electricity bill of lighting,Replacing your old 50W halogen bulb with this 4W LED light bulb can cut you electricity bill significantly and immediately. Its estimated yearly cost is about 1.61 dollars (based on 8hrs/day, 11?¨¦/ kWh, cost depends on rates and use) while an equivalent halogen costs you 16 dollars.

Let’s do a math:

Electricity consumption of LED 4W LED bulb: 5W ?? 8Hrs ?? 365=14.6Kwh;

Electricity consumption of 50W halogen bulb: 50W?? 8Hrs ?? 365=146Kwh;

–Comparison result:

1 LED bulb = 1/10 halogen bulb.

2.Long life span:

LED spotlight: approx. 30,000Hrs;

Halogen bulb: approx. 1500Hrs;

–Compared result:

1 LED bulb = 20 halogen bulbs

3.Easy installation:

International standard shape for mr 16 Replace 30W halogen bulb by 3W LED, saving 90% on electricity bill of lighting.


Architectural Lighting, Decor Lighting, Display Case Lighting, Gallery Lighting, Museum Lighting, Office Lighting, Shopping Mall Lighting, Spot Lighting, Store Lighting, Track Lighting


No glare, No radiation, No UV, Soft light. Eyes protection


With CE, RoHS, certification