Yukiss® Mini Solar Lantern. Hanging, Portable Rainproof, Garden Decorative, Rechargeable, Indoor and Outdoor (!), Solar Powered LED Light. Bulb Has High Home Output (72 Lumens). Charge By Normal Sunlight or USB (Usb Charging Cable Included)

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* LED : The human body induction is 8LED, the Optically controlled is 9LED.
* LED lumen : 64LM-72LM.
* Solar plate : poly-silicon 5V*60mA.
* Battery : Li-Polymer battery 3.7V*500mA.
* Waterproof : IP55.
* Solar Charge time : ≥8H.
* USB Charging time : ≥1H.

How to use
* Pull OFF for total power shut down, ON to high brightness,the AUTO to the human body induction, optical section ON or AUTO open,OFF to pass,when the switch to OFF not solar charging.
* When the switch of the optically controlled model is to pull ON or AUTO,will turn to automatic optical mode,where there is light will automatically turn off the light,will light up automatically in the dark.
* The lamp must be placed on outside during the day can bask to enough sunlight to charge(sunlight shines solar panels),the body induction switch in paragraph to which position can charge casually,optical section switch must be set to ON file to charge,In the sun,the longer charging efficiency will be higher,whereas the lower.
* USB charging way to plug the charger.

* Ambient temperature : -20℃~+50℃,life performance may be effected adversely if out of the range.
* Far from fire source,otherwise the accumulator may be explosive.
* Avoid usage in high temperature,humidity and corrosive environment,otherwise parts may be damaged.
* Charge in 3 months interval at least when no usage for a long time,otherwise accumulator life performance would be effected adversely.
* Charge on time if light gets dark.
* Children usage accompanied by adults.
* Solar plate should be irradiated by solar light directly to get the best charging efficiency,and the charging efficiency is different from different season’s solar light.

Package List
1 x solar LED light.
1 x USB cable.
1 x user menu.